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List of 28 potential high performing stocks that could break out for an explosive move. (Hold these for 5-10 years)

The best high growth stocks to invest in the biotech sector

The 3 new stocks that I love that I’ve never talked about before

10 dividend stocks to invest in that also move in an upward direction - that you will receive the SECOND MONTH

Updated list of new high performing stocks twice a year - via telegram channel

Audio alert from Ian via telegram channel of any moves you should take advantage of from this list

One video update per month

How to use this 200 ema to find potential entries to load the boat.

Unlimited Access for 365 days to the program

Private telegram channel

Private random pop up sessions for high performance stock group (4 per year)

One gem that I learned this week shared with you in the telegram channel

The Life Changing Book Club- 1 book recommendation for every month that has had changed my life

Three new books I love that I’ve never mentioned before (no Money Master the Game isn’t in the list lol)

The P.O.S. Hall of Fame List: The list of worst stocks to stay away from no matter what anyone says

Private telegram channel

Private pop up sessions for elite members (4 per year)

One gem that I learned this week shared with you in the telegram channel

The life changing book club - 1 book recommendation for every month. This is a list of books that have personally changed my life for the better

(No Money Master the Game won't be on the list)

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Along with the exclusive Stock Club price for Earn Your Leisure, I wanted to give you a chance to also join the Apex One program at an exclusive price in case you missed it before. Here's what you get in Apex One:

  • The 3 best futures to trade and the one with the least volatility. 
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  • The perfect plan if you don't want to take 2 years to learn
  • Access to live trading support group
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  • Our 7 minute per day trade for those with a busy life
  • Our robot to automatically lock in profit to prevent losses 

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